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Ubuy Nigeria Global Trading Services International Ltd is an online service marketplace headquartered in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria. It provides a platform that connects customers with professionals and artisans within their vicinity offering the services they require to execute their projects/tasks at zero costs and no commission via its website and mobile applications. Our mission is to maintain platforms for professionals and skilled artisans within Nigeria that gives them utmost accessibility and visibility to their potential clients with just a few clicks.

Taking a cursory look into the slow pace with which the diversity of Nigeria’s workforce is appreciated, we thought of various means to which we can limit the struggle associated with unemployment in the country and how best we can help persons especially our youths out of the cold embrace of poverty, even while they are not gainfully employed.

It is to this end that we thought it would be a nice innovation to create a platform for professionals who have limited or no visibility for their services, those that are not gainfully employed but have services to offer, and “drowning” professionals. With the hope of giving hope to them, and to the nation’s economy.

In 2019, these thoughts became a reality. This platform became a reality that eases the stress encountered by Nigerians while looking for reliable professionals to handle a wide range of jobs for them. We created a platform that offered an opportunity for professional artists, cosmeticians, beauticians, writers, event planners, office and house cleaners, interior designers, ICT experts, web developers, gardeners, home tutors, etc., to be easily seen by persons that seek the services they provide.

UbuyNG’s satisfaction lies in the satisfaction our customers derive from the services which they may have offered or received on or through our website. Through the comfort created by our platform, we have created an avenue for individuals in need of professional services but don’t have the time to go searching on the streets for people offering the services they need or endlessly browse the internet in search for professional help. We are devoted to making your life stress-free and secured as well as creating opportunities for everyone.

Furthermore, UbuyNG is a stepping stone for adding an extra source of income for those who have skills but are on a “9-5” appointment to meaningfully engage in the skills they have acquired over the years. Also, the platform offers a much-appreciated break from the anxiety suffered by youths while trying to break through from the strangulation of the harsh economy, putting a stop from painstakingly trying to reach out to potential clients, to no avail.

It only gets easier: Register – Login – Build your profile – work to get yourself known – Hope for potential convertible clients – get one or some – do an excellent job – get paid – rating increase – attract more customer members.

UbuyNG also serves as a sweet relief from the burden placed on the economy and the government, gainfully converting the untapped human capital into a more resourceful unit that profits the country’s per capita index.

Our Responsibility

We are devoted to giving you peace of mind as well as creating opportunities for all skilled-workers

Our Mission

To maintain platforms for professionals and skilled artisans within Nigeria that gives them utmost accessibility and visibility to their potential clients with just a few clicks

Our Core Values

Our core values are attached to every aspect of our business and this provides a solid foundation for everything UbuyNG represents.

Client-focused - Committed to Excellence - Rich Diversity - Innovation - Collaboration - Purpose-driven - Community support