Ubuy.ng Privacy Policy

Ubuy, Inc. (Herein, "Ubuy," "we," "our," or "us") consider all concerns associated with privacy as top priorities. This official copy of Ubuy's Privacy Policy ("Policy"), describes at length all the information we collect, how we make use of them, whom we share it with and the conditions surrounding the transfer of any information. The statutes established by this Policy applies to all websites, mobile applications, and other online platforms and services provided by Ubuy. The tenets implied by this Policy is only applicable to information obtained from or through our online Platform. It is not applicable to information/details obtained through any other means (without any conditioned or unconditioned exception, this includes, information gathered offline, through a personal approach, telephone calls, emails, e-mails, or those obtained from third parties). Terms used in this Privacy Policy, which their definitions are not stated herein, will have their definitions stated in our Terms of Use. By opening or making use of services or information provided by the Platform, you fully agree to this Policy. IF YOU DO NOT APPROVE OF THE CONTENTS OF THIS POLICY, PLEASE DO NOT USE OR PROCEED INTO THE PLATFORM.

What we do with information collected and stored is dependent on how you access and make use of the Platform. There are various ways through which we can collect information including information you provide directly to us, those collected from third parties you granted permission to share your information, and information we passively obtain from your web browsers or mobile app. Ways You Directly Provide Information to Us There are several ways through which you may directly provide information to us while using the Platform, this may be:
  • Through details provided during account registration;
  • Through your participation in online polls conducted by the Platform;
  • Through your electronic newsletter subscriptions;
  • Through quote requests you make on the Platform;
  • Through submissions you make in response to a quote;
  • Through the purchases you make on the Platform;
  • Through forms you fill on the Platform;
  • Through your participation in online contests or sweepstakes, or promotions;
  • Through your transmission of User Contents;
  • Through your download or use of our mobile applications; or
  • Through the contents of your communication with other users on the Platform or us.
This Privacy Policy covers ALL forms of use of the Platform; the list below further describes in details, the information that might be collected. Information directly provided by you may concern you or others and may include, but is not limited to: (i) name; (ii) zip code; (iii) email address; (iv) home or work telephone number; (v) mail box, work or residential address; (vi) demographic information (e.g., sex, age, political inclination, education, race or ethnicity, and other information commonly requested in user surveys and/or offers); (vii) date of birth; (viii) insurance details; (ix) pictures; (x) details pertaining to your project, requests or needs; (xi) video or audio files; (xii) in some cases, payment and/or means of identification.and/or (xiii) some other details which you might include in private communications with other users or us on the Platform. This may also include information that relates to services you request for or provide through the Platform, such as a business name, description of services provided, credentials and qualifications. It is not mandatory that you provide us with such information, but access to certain parts of the Platform can be denied if you do not provide some requested information. Information Collected From Third Parties – Social Networking Sites, Affiliated and Non-Affiliated Third Parties Information about you or others may be collected through Ubg’s affiliates or non-affiliated third parties, such as Facebook or Instagram. By accessing the Platform through such and similar networks, you may permit us to access some information in your profile. Such information may comprise of your name, gender, location, usernames, friend’s list, etc. These and other similar sites have policies that govern how they handle your information, and this is in no way under our control. Hence, it will be best you go through their Privacy Policies, in order to understand how these sites make use of or divulge your information. Certain information of yours may also be collected through non-affiliated third parties, for security purposes. Within the limits of the relevant state or federal laws, and without your knowledge, we may obtain additional information from relevant third parties, which may include identity verification from NIMC, and some of your bank details from your bank, in order to checkmate fraudulent activities on the Platform.

Automatically Collected Information

Device/Usage Information.
Ubuy and its affiliate third-party service providers, which may include Ad networks (e.g., DoubleClick) and analytics companies (e.g., Google Analytics), may use electronic tracking technologies to collect information about the computers and devices used in accessing the Platform. Basically, we may use such services to access and process data left by modules, extensions, plugins and identifiers which may leave online footprints as you make use of the Platform. The information collected is used to create Platform analytics, which indicates the performance of various interests on the Platform, thereby, acting as pointers to various aspects of the platform that we may need to improve. Hence, providing better services for you. Location information/details. By making use of the Platform, we may collect general information about your location. During the installation of our mobile application, we request that you grant us permission to your device's geo-location data. By granting us access, location information collected is used to improve the relevance of the personalized services we provide for each individual, such as contents, adverts,and other location-based features. This implies that we may share your location information with affiliated third parties, such as marketing agents, sellers, and advertisers. You can deny us access to your location information, if using a mobile device, check for your device's location service and switch it off. This may imply that you will not be allowed to access parts of the platform.

Our use of electronic technologies and cookies.
In conjunction with our affiliates, we may use cookies and other electronic technologies (GIFs, pixel tags, etc.), which provide us with information that relay user inclinations, aiding in better assessment and improvement of the Platform. These technologies allow us to model the Platform into providing personalized contents for you. It also helps us to securely save your password in password-protected areas, track your page visits, manage Platform contents, and create Platform usage statistics. Some of these technologies are also used to deliver advertisements to you, trackforwarded emails and email response rates of you and other customers. Though most browsers accept cookies automatically, you can choose to accept or decline by making some changes in cookies section of your browser. By disabling cookies, you may not be able to access the site fully, or the site may not function properly. Flash cookies, which are local shared objects, are also used in delivering video clips and other special content. These cookies are stored on your device, and can only be managed through Global Privacy Settings Panel of Adobe website.

Various purposes for which we may use your information may include:
  • For the purpose indicated during its provision;
  • To grant you permission to access various services available on the Platform, and as well for verifying your identity;
  • For the provision of customer support services;
  • For documentation of all relevant records;
  • For providing surveys, promotions, or organizing contests;
  • For release to affiliate third party payment service providers and gateways, to process your payments and bills;
  • For boosting the performance and management of the Platform;
  • For investigating issues that are related to security and user safety, such as fraudulent activities;
  • For sending periodicals and special offers from Ubuy;
  • To contact you via call, SMS or email, concerning requests that you have made, or to inform you of new improvements and/or goods and services which may be of interest to you;
  • For Ubuy's market research purposes, which may include customization of the platform to suit your interests;
  • For various research and analytical concerns; and
  • o enhance the peaceful resolution of disagreements, to protect ourselves, you and other users of the Platform, and as well to impose any law that governs your use of the Platform.
We may put together, various information obtained through the Platform, third-parties and other services we provide, to form compositeinformation. We may categorize information obtained, and use them without any restriction, for the purpose of research and marketing and also for information exchange with affiliated third parties. By making use of the Platform, you consent that Ubuy, in its sole discretion, may automatically or manually, and either directly or through third parties that provide services to us, review, scan, analyze, and store the details of your communications on the Platform. This is done to curb fraudulent activities or wrongdoings, as well as, to carry out risk assessments, investigations, research, customer support, product development, and also in compliance with standing regulations

Except it is stated otherwise in this policy, information collected from you through the Platform may be shared thus:
  • Affiliates/third-parties. Ubuy reserve the right to share the information you provide with its affiliates.
  • Granted permission. If you grant us the permission to, we may divulge your information to nonaffiliated third parties. The extents of such permissionare bound by descriptions stated in this Policy, our Terms of Use and other regulations that govern your use of the Platform, and may include disclosure of your information for the provision of requested products and services.
  • Third-party Service Providers. We may disclose your information to select third parties that we engage in various services. Furthermore, while retaining new service providers, we co-sign MOUs or request for contractual assurances that bind them to make use of your information solely for helping Ubuy to provide you with products and services. Services provided may include but not limited to security checks, billing, payment, sales, user verification, data storage, market research, etc.
  • Statutory Requirements. If need be, and based on our concerns and belief, we may disclose your information for various legal purposes as bound by law, in order to: (a) address or comply with court orders and subpoenas, or other legal process we receive; (b) institute or exercise our legal rights, which may include enforcing and administering agreements with users; or (c) defend Ubuy against legal claims.If a law requires that we disclose your information, we may try to notify you through commercially available means unless (a) we come to an understanding that providing notice could create a risk of injury or death, or that harm or fraud could be directed to Ubuy or users; or (b) we are prohibited from providing notice by law.
  • Protection of Ubuy and Others. Your information may be disclosed as deemed fit for investigations, or for preventing or taking actions against illegal activities, potentially harmful situations, violation of legal terms and Terms of Use governing the use of the Platform, and also to protect the rights and property of Ubuy and other users.
  • Ubuy’s business transfers. As this business continues to grow, we may sell parts of or all our assets, or buy/merge with other businesses. In such transactions or where there is any change of control of Ubuy, user information may be among the transferred assets.
  • App Store Providers. Ubuy reserve the rights to provide your identity and mobile device identifier to third-party app store providers, such as Google Playstore, to allow you to download our mobile apps.
  • Academics and Research. Ubuy may provide information about users to third parties for academic and research purposes, in an aggregated form.
Please be advised that some information you provide on the Platform will be publicly accessible. The name used during registration or that offered by other social platforms used for registration may be fully or partially displayed on your profile, which is accessible to other users. In some cases, your name may be attached to your content during while participating in forums, messaging, making service requests, reviews, and scheduling for Pro Services. This implies that other users and maybe visitors will be able to see some information attached to your name and recognize you based on the content you provide. Note that some of the information you provide will be open to the public view, While we encourage you to post Content on or through the Platform, we advise that you remain responsible and cautious whenever you are online. Any information or Content posted on or through the platform, on review boards, forums, member-to-member messaging, or other information you may have made publicly available, may be used by third parties without our consent or yours. It may also be used in a way that violates this Policy, regulatory statutes and your privacy.

Online Analytics We may engage some service providers for the provision of third-party web analytics services, such as those of Google Analytics. These service providers as earlier stated in "Automatically Collected Information" use certain electronic technologies, to automatically collect information and analyze the activities of users on the Platform. For example, we use Google Analytics to evaluate your use of the Platform, in order to provide customized advertising that suits your interest. If you wish to prevent Google Analytics from using your information for analytical purposes, you may install the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-on. Customized or Tailored Advertising We may allow third-party service providers (ad networks and ad servers) and affiliate marketing third parties (such as e-commerce websites) to place cookies and/or other tracking technologies on your computer and mobile devices, in order to collect information about your use of the Platform. They may use this information to optimize advert placements brought to you, and also, it may be used to relay to us the effects of marketing strategies which we may have used. Ubuy as an entity does not have access to the use of tracking technologies from non-affiliated ad-based third-parties, which may be placed on any device you use to access the Platform. Such parties may offer you an opt-out option from the targeted adverts. Certain information which may be obtained by cookies through the Platform may be derived from aggregated data or data you voluntarily submitted to us, which we may share with a service provider in an encrypted form. in order to have a better understanding of how targeted adverts work, how to control cookies, and/or to opt out from such services, you may visit the Network Advertising Initiative's Consumer Opt-Out Link and/or the Digital Advertising Alliance's Consumer Opt-Out Link. You can also visit the Google Ads Settings pageto disable or personalize Display Advertising on your devices. While you may have opted out from targeted advertising, you may still receive generic adverts, as long as advertising technology is still integrated into the Platform. Please note, none of the links provided above is under our control, and we cannot be held responsible for the choices using these mechanisms, neither can we vouch for these mechanisms. Please visit the privacy settings of your mobile device, or contact your device platform operator in order to review relevant support materials and opt-out of customized in-app advertising

The coverage of our services does not extend to minors under 18 years of age. The Platform is meant for persons 18 years or older. Ubg will automatically delete any account and all the information within, once it detects attempts by any minor to sign in to the Platform.

We take all required security measures (such as end-to-end encryptions, passwords, etc.) to ensure the safety of personal information provided by users of this Platform, to avoid unauthorized access. While assuring you that we have done everything necessary to protect your personal information from unauthorized access, you should also bear in mind that no security measure is 100% foolproof. Hence, you are advised to protect your personal information, by securing your passwords and devices which you may use to access the Platform. Make use of rare and strong passwords for any platform you may register on and keep them private, sign off on any shared device you may use to access such platforms. Ubuy cannot and will not be held responsible for lost or stolen passwords, any unauthorized use of your personal information, nor for any unauthorized use of passwords on your account.

The Platform might contain links to other websites or resources over which Ubuy does not have any control. Accommodationof such links does not mean that Ubuy endorses those websites. You acknowledge that Ubuy is providing these links to you only as a convenience, and further agree that Ubuy is not responsible for the content of such external websites or the protection and privacy of information you provide while visiting such external websites.

Certain information which you may have provided on your profile, can be changed or deleted through the preferences section in your "Dashboard." Any incorrect information which you may have provided must be promptly updated or reviewed. As par request, we may close your account and delete your profile information from the Platform. Any information retained thereafter may be to comply with regulatory laws, assist with investigations of any user, prevent fraudulent activities, settle disagreements, collect owed bills, enforce our rights or any other purpose otherwise approved by law. It is crucial to note that while an account may be removed, User Content provided by said account may not be changed or removed. By agreeing to this Policy, Ubuy will not be held responsible for retaining information related to your account, after deactivation.

You may opt-out from any email subscriptions we send to you, which does not directly relate to your account or services and quotations which you may have requested or received from us. Opt-out options will always be attached to such emails.

As at the date stated till date, this policy still remains effective. Ubuy reserve the rights to change this policy at any time. Ubuy will notify its users of any update on the policy; by posting it on the platform send, sending you a message or otherwise notifying you when you are logged into your account in advance of the new effective date. Ubuy encourages you to review this policy regularly for any changes. Ubuy considers your continued access to or use of the platform as a subject to the terms of the then-current policy.

Our computer systems are currently based in Nigeria, so any information you provide will be managed by us in Nigeria. Laws binding data protection and privacy regulations in Nigeria may differ from those experienced in other parts of the world. Hence, if you create an account with the Platform as a visitor outside Nigeria, by using the Platform, you agree to this Policy and you give consent to the transfer of all such information to Nigeria, which may not offer the same level of protection required in other countries. The consent also covers the processing of that information as described in this Policy.