Ubuy.ng Terms of use


This Agreement to Terms and Conditions of Use ("Terms"), includes an agreement to BINDING ARBITRATION AND CLASS ACTION WAIVER CONTAINED HEREIN governs your access to and use of the Platform made available by UbuyNG. ("Ubuy," "we," "our," "us," or in some cases "its") or through UbuyNG and the entirety of your association with UbuyNG. You are advised to read to take your time to read and understand the terms before making use of or accessing the Platform. Accessing or using this Platform indicates your agreement to be bound by the provisions of these Terms. By proceeding to register as a Service Member on the Platform, you understand that UbuyNG shall or may use your information to conduct or obtain background checks from affiliated vendors. If you are not comfortable with and do not wish to agree to these Terms, then you may not use or proceed into the Platform. In an appropriate case where a reference may be made herein to "you" or "your," this shall mean the individual who by any means, partakes of or participates in the Platform. If you are making use of the Platform on behalf of an entity, you shall fully represent such entity, declaring the express warrant that you are authorized to bind such entity. By agreeing to the terms, the entity becomes bound by the provision of the Terms, and the entity henceforth will be referred to as "you" and "your."

Ubuy reserves the right to decide to amend these terms solely, and any other binding document integrated herein, at any time and without prior notification. We will notify you of the modifications, through a post made on the website, an email, an SMS, or when you have logged on to your account. The terms stated herein any modification will take effect thirty (30) days after you after the notification has been sent to you or was made as a post on the platform. You are bound by the constructs of these terms once the thirty days have elapsed. If you do not give consent to this agreement, you may not proceed or access this platform.

You are advised to endeavour to carefully read the Privacy Policy, to stay fully informed on how UbuyNG may obtain and make use of your information. Contacts made through text messages by UbuyNG, or our text message vendors are governed by our SMS Terms and Conditions, which are integrated herein. Please review the totality of key UbuyNG policies, to understand how your use of the Platform is governed, and the provisions guiding our associations with you, third parties and other members. If in any case, a different term or policy is integrated into any product or area of the Platform and which may be contrary to these Terms and the Privacy Policy. Then, the latter should be regarded as superior, strictly to your use of that product or area.

Platform – all websites (official website or any other website under UbuyNG's management), applications, software and all services provided by or through UbuyNG. Content – all functions, information, and material made available on or through the Platform through but not limited to texts, images, graphics, software, audio and video records, profile information, Pro Service requests, message threads, reviews, scheduling, and quotes. Collective Content – ALL content provided by UbuyNG and its Users on the Platform Member – an individual who has a verified account or one who requests for and receives quotations through Ubuy, this may include but is not limited to Service and Customer Members. Customer Member – a member who is registered on the Platform to access all parts of Pro Services made available on the Platform, including but not limited requesting for and receiving quotes, and conducting Pro Service payments on the Platform. Pro Services – all the services provided by Service Members or services received by Customer Members on or through the Platform. Service Member – an individual who is registered to offer Pro Services on the Platform; sending quotes, making offers or receiving payment for the provision of Pro Services. Ubuy Content – all Content made available on the Platform by UbuyNG or its affiliated third parties, excluding User Contents. User Content – all Content made available by Users on or through the Platform, using various means. This content excludes UbuyNG Content and Feedback.

Use of the Platform is made available only to persons who are at least 18 years old. Accessing the Platform by any individual indicates declaration of eligibility by such individual. By registering, accessing or using the Platform as a Service Member, you agree that you and any other individual who is affiliated to you, and offers your services on the Platform, are certified experts in the fields for which you provide or offer a specific job. UbuyNG as an entity does not provide Pro Services. We only create a platform for Service Members to access persons who may be interested in receiving Pro Services which they provide. Also included in the clause is an ability to message and schedule appointments with Customer Members. By creating and managing a new Account on the Platform, Service Members understand and agree that using the platform does not guarantee that Users will engage them for Pro Services they provide. Also, by accessing and using the Platform as a Service Member, you agree and understand that you are a customer of UbuyNG, and not an UbuyNG employee, partner or an agent. Service members accept that Ubuy does not schedule works, set prices, or provide equipment for them. All Service Members operate freely on the Platform without any interruption from UbuyNG, unless otherwise stated herein. UbuyNG may, depending on the relevant laws, use certain personal information of Service Members to obtain information that may be publicly available, which may indicate if a Service Member has any criminal record. UbuyNG may, in its sole discretion, deactivate, suspend or limit a Service Member's account based on the contents of such information. All Service Members authorize UbuyNG to use their personal information to obtain such reports from relevant parties.

Unregistered users may have limited access to the Platform. To have full access to specific features integrated into the Platform, a user will need to register for a password-protected account by either logging in with a current Facebook account, or creating a standalone account on the Platform. Any account created is solely a responsibility of the User to whom it belongs. UbuyNG will not be held responsible for any loss or accept responsibility for any unauthorized activity in a User's account. Furthermore, a User may be held accountable for the losses UbuyNG or any other User may suffer due to unauthorized use of an account.

The personal use of any part of the Collective Content available on the Platform by any member (Service Members and Customer Members), is subject to limited permission granted by UbuyNG. This limitation is to the extent that you may only use the Collective Content for reasons that pertain to your use of the Platform, any other use for which you may adapt it and which Ubuy and any applicable law may deem as a commercial use, will be termed a breach of the intellectual property rights of UbuyNG. If by any means available, you intend to make use of Collective Content, it MUST NOT be for a commercial purpose, and you must adhere to the proprietary indications and copyrights attached to it. All rights which UbuyNG may grant users of the Platform are explicitly stated herein, and no additional rights may be implied by users of the Platform either by misquoting or misinterpreting what is clearly stated in these Terms.

By abiding by the statutes of permissions granted by UbuyNG, a user may make User Content available on the Platform. In so doing, you grant UbuyNG a globally identified, royalty-free, irrevocable license to make use of such content or information contained within such User Content in ANY manner we deem fit, in order to promote, advertise, develop, grow or market the Platform and any Pro Service which it may support. In this accordance, while expressing our rights to use our sole discretion to considerably exploit User Contents made publicly available by the Users of the Platform, we DO NOT and will not make use of personal messages between users of the Platform to promote the Platform. The use of such content by Ubuy shall transcend beyond the existence of UbuyNG and the termination, deactivation, suspension or removal of the Account which may have been the owner of such User Content. The terms stated herein does not in anyway, by means of implication, misinterpretation or misunderstanding, indicate that UbuyNG claims ownership of User Content nor do we restrict your rights to make use of User Contents made available by you as you deem fit, while abiding by applicable laws. By making any User Content available on the Platform, you fully agree that such content by all applicable instances is yours, and on that note, you will take full responsibility for such User Content and any consequences that may arise from making such User Content publicly available. Furthermore, by claiming exclusive ownership of such content by making it available on or through the Platform, you, according to the clauses in these Terms, give consent and grant UbuyNG the rights to such User Content and use them as is applicable. You also acknowledge and agree that any User Content which you may have made available on or through the Platform, which UbuyNG may use parts of or as a whole will intrude on, misuse or infringe on the rights, copyrights, patent, trademark, moral rights or other exclusive rights of a third party, or may result in the violation of any public or private rights of any individual or group as stated in any applicable State or Federal law and associated intellectual property regulations.UbuyNG reserves the right to, in our sole discretion and without prior notice, to check, recapitulate, summarize, edit or remove, or inactivate access to your User Content from the Platform, if we believe it violates these Terms, applicable laws or the rights of other users of the Platform. You acknowledge and agree that notwithstanding the changes, it is still your sole responsibility to ensure that the result of the edited Content still represents your concerns and warranties which you may have granted by accepting these Terms.

For the sake of continuity of the Platform, the protection of UbuyNG and the users of the Platform, as a user you may not:
  • Make use of another user's Account, adopt a false identity, qualification or falsely advertise, promote or present the Pro Services, which you may offer through the Platform;
  • Spam your Content on the Platform, or post your Content in categories beyond its enclosure;
  • Make use of any electronic technology, without limitations to robots, scrapers, spiders or any other automated system to extract information or for any other purpose without a prior written approval from UbuyNG; nevertheless, public search engines make use of approved electronic technologies to obtain materials from the Platform for the singular purpose of making the materials publicly available as searchable links, but they may not archive or cache such materials; the extent of these exceptions may be restricted or revoked through the sole discretion of UbuyNG;
  • By any means copy any copyrighted User Content or Platform information, which may include but not limited to graphics, text, and pictures, for use on any other platform or site;
  • Use any electronic technology to convey message requests in a robotic manner, which may indicate more requests than a human can reasonably transmit within a specified period while using a conventional browser;
  • Act in a way that will jeopardize or inhibit the framework of the Platform or its affiliated third-party; hack or bypass the protocols used in protecting and restricting access to the Platform; use the Platform in a manner that breaches any UbuyNG, third-party, privacy or publicity rights; introduce and spread malware or viruses that may harm UbuyNG or users of the Platform;
  • Bypass or evade Fees or bills owed, or as a Service Member evade your monetary commitment to UbuyNG;
  • Obtain or extract any profile information from the Platform, or use the Platform's communication structure in a way that is not authorized by these Terms;
  • Solicit for funds from, recruit or make contact with Service Members or Customer Member under the guise of an Ubuy representative or agent;
  • Act contrary to or violate these Terms, key UbuyNG policies and all applicable laws, by using the Platform as otherwise stated, or submitting Content on or through the Platform that is meant to incite hatred, tribalism, religious crisis, illegal, explicit, libellous, intolerant, or hostile against or amongst the users of the Platform, the public or any other third party;
  • Tender a quote for a Pro Service you do not provide, or lobby or promote a Pro Service that is considered as a competitor of the services provided by Ubuy that; offers services for provision of rental space, loans, directories (email, phone numbers, account profiles etc.); promotes any form of social or professional events; is a Content that encourage, endorse or offer shady services and schemes including but not limited to multilevel marketing, email lists, spam, games of chance, Ponzi schemes, online surveys, and other financial marketing schemes; is not based in Nigeria;
  • Make available, a User Content that wrongly interferes with user experience on the Platform without limitations to; advertising a service that you do not offer, or a service that is not offered on the Platform; posting links that redirect users to mirrored websites or requesting users to download non-Ubuy mobile applications;
  • Act in a manner that may manipulate or jeopardize the accuracy of rating system or the assessment structure of the Platform;
  • Decline or fail to execute Pro Services after you may have concluded negotiations with a Customer Member, lest the Customer Member did not meet up with the terms of the agreement or both parties arrive at a new agreement to cancel out;
  • Extort money through any means from the users of the Platform or initiate the use of payment methods prohibited by UbuyNG;
  • Go into the process of negotiating the terms of an agreement for a Pro Service you do not intend to pay for or which you do not wish to adhere to the requirements stated by the Service Member;
  • Partake in or initiate any form of activity that does not represent or which misinterprets the visions of UbuyNG and the Platform; and
  • Intentionally engage in or attempt to assume any of those mentioned above.

Ubuy charges certain Fees, which are proportionate to the use of certain features on the Platform. These Fees includes UbuyNG's Credits, which may be used by Service Members for various purposes as will be displayed when purchases are being made for such credits. Fees for products or services that you may wish to purchase will be made available to you before you proceed to make use of such products or services. All payments made to Ubuy are non-refundable unless otherwise stated. Before an Account is reinstated after fully serving the terms of its suspension due to a violation of these Terms, we may choose to Charge penalty Fees, for the expenses incurred while battling the consequences of the breach. By proceeding into the Platform and creating an Account, you fully agree to pay these Fees, as at when due. Fees to be paid will be subject to the conditions currently enclosed in existing Terms, and which may mandate that you dutifully pay the Fees owed even if you close you deactivate your account. All payments will be billed to your credit card or some other payment methods which we may adopt in the future. As far as all applicable law may permit, Ubuy reserves the right to by all means obtain any overdue payment and costs incurred in the recovery of such payment, especially in a case where your credit card cannot be charged. You understand and agree that any remaining balance will not be refunded to you when or if you close your Account, on the same note, you agree that UbuyNG may charge or bill you for any unpaid Fees accrued in your formerly existing account. Also, you understand and agree that with regards to payments, UbuyNG may remind you or communicate the details to you by phone calls, SMS or email, and this communication may be initiated by Ubuy or any of its representatives, or third party billing agents. We are not financial advisers. Hence, we do not offer tax advice to our members; you take the sole responsibility of handling all your tax-related concerns as is expected, or by employing the services of actual tax advisers.

Ubuy maintains a position as a limited payment collection agent for Service Members, hence, by default, all Service members understand, agree and authorize us to accept payments from Customer Members on their behalf. All payments made to UbuyNG by Customer Members, as a fulfilment of their end of an agreement for a requested Pro Service will be considered by Service Members as payments made to them. Regardless of this understanding, UbuyNG does not in any way, and will not bear liabilities which may be consequent of mistakes which a Service Member may have made while delivering their part of an agreement. Furthermore, we, as Service Member's limited payment collection agent, are only obliged to a Service Member once we have received a complete payment from a Customer Member. All requests for annulment of agreements or payments and claims for refund of payments already made will be reviewed under Ubuy's sole discretion. All things being equal, and as bound by permissible laws, we will handle such requests within thirty (30) days of receiving a formally written copy of it. The preceding, in its limits and with concern to refunds precludes terminated, deactivated and fraudulent Accounts.

UbuyNG Credits does not in any way hold a monetary value after it has been purchased. They are credits solely designed for use on the Platform to seek access to unique features on the Platform, which may include but not limited to quote requests and receipts to and from prospective customers. The number of credits which may be used to access such services will be displayed while making the purchase, as variation in price may exist between specified services. Payments made for the purchase of UbuyNG Credits are non-reversible, as they hold no monetary value after purchase.

While reiterating that we do not assume liabilities that may arise from mistakes made by Service Members and Customer Members, we understand that situations may exist where a misunderstanding may come up between users of the Platform. We try our best to ensure that a peaceful atmosphere is maintained on the Platform. Hence, if a situation may arise where members involved in disagreement are unable to settle the issue at hand amicably, UbuyNG may upon request mediate between both parties, or appoint a neutral third party arbitrator to help resolve the dispute. Otherwise, we are not obliged to come between or settle disputes between users of the Platform.

All proprietary designations and titles which may be officially expressed by Ubuy on or through the Platform, or outside the Platform using third party hosts, mobile applications, public events or any other means which we may use to express these titles, are all registered trademarks of UbuyNG. This claim extends to all Ubuy Content, which may be proprietary expressions of Ubuy on or through the Platform, are protected by copyright, trademark, registered trademark, and other indemnifications provided by applicable laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, or other international conventions. Except otherwise stated in these Terms, UbuyNG owns all the rights to UbuyNG Content and other properties it makes available on the Platform.

In a case that you may send us any feedback, or declare your intentions to know about us or services which we provide; or you wish to make comments or suggestions about us or the services that we provide on the Platform, you agree that the feedback which by applicable laws you must have the rights to disclose does not integrate or trespass on the rights, trade secrets, confidence of any other individual or group.You also understand and agree; that by so doing that we bear no obligation to you by any means, with regards to the feedback you may have sent; that the contents of your feedback or something similar may have been under our consideration before you sent the feedback; that you expressly grant us a non-exclusive right to use the contents of the feedback as we may, for redistributing, publishing and sublicensing the feedback; and also the rights to take into action the process of waiving any implications of the feedback against UbuyNG or its users.

All UbuyNG Content is protected by the copyright law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. To that end and by legal obligations, all users of the Platform are expected to have utter respect for the law. Any user or users who in our sole discretion, we believe is continuously violating the copyright law and the rights thereof of its recognized holders will have their Account(s) irrevocably terminated.

UbuyNG does not validate, recommend or endorse any Member, user or specified Pro services. While all users of the Platform and Ubuy are connected by the use of the Platform, unless otherwise stated in these Terms and any other applicable legal document or law, all users and UbuyNG maintain individuality, each on its own as an entity conducting business on the Platform. Hence, UbuyNG is not obliged or expected to bound to or to get involved in agreements between or among users, members, third parties, users and third parties making use of the Platform. The daily activities of any UbuyNG or any user is not subject to the control of UbuyNG or any user of the Platform, as each user or Ubuy is solely responsible for the agreements which they may go into with other users or third parties, and may not assume the responsibilities of the other or intentionally misrepresent themselves to pose as another. Links may exist on the Platform which may lead to third-party websites or offers and events not being hosted or controlled by UbuyNG. Your use of such links is strictly of your own decision and at your own risk, as UbuyNG does not endorse such links, hence, we will not be held responsible for whatever that may arise from the use of such links. Members are bound by applicable laws to provide accurate information while creating their Account or profile, UbuyNG may still carry out additional checks to confirm the identities and backgrounds of registered users. These checks do not in any manner imply that UbuyNG will speak for or endorse the character, efficiency, accountability, or reliability of any user, regardless of the connection Ubuy or any of its personnel may have with the user or services provided. Any title which may be accorded a user on the Platform is only symbolic to the extent with which they have excelled in certain standards of the Platform. Such titles, descriptions or designations are not in any regarded as endorsements or certifications from UbuyNG; rather they are individual accomplishments of the user. Such descriptions may serve as an indicator of the credibility of such users and the services they may provide, which you are free to evaluate and come to your conclusions. You are advised to tread with caution while attempting to go into an agreement with any other user, as UbuyNG will not be held responsible for any consequences that may arise from your exchanges with other users. By accessing and making use of the Platform, you understand and agree that you may not in the process of taking any legal action against a user or third parties for their mistakes or disagreement, impose on or take legal action against Ubuy for such mistakes or disagreement.

In addition to rights which Ubuy expressively or by implication reserves, we may take permissible actions to penalize violations or your breach of agreements which you have reached with us, without limitations to forfeiture of expected funds or services which you have made payment for, demotion, account termination, limiting the access to your Account, removing your User Content, quotes or postings, investigating you, or cooperating with relevant law enforcement agencies such as EFCC to investigate or persecute you.

We may at any point in time, and with conditions set through our sole discretion, fully or partly block, suspend, limit or deactivate your UbuyNG Account. In such a situation we may disable your password to block access to the Platform; or we may inform other users that your account have been terminated, blocked or suspended, and why we may have done so; you will not have any form of entitlement or incentives for the Services which have been delayed as a result of your account termination.Meanwhile, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, for which you may think that nothing we may do to resolve your concerns will be to your satisfaction, or if for any other reason you may not wish to continue as a participant of the Platform; you may terminate your account through the following process: Click on Settings ---> Account ---> Deactivate Account By deactivating you're Account, none of your pending funds will be reverted to you, neither will we be obliged to remove or return your User Content which you have posted on the Platform.

This segment of Terms is all encompassing and is drafted with intentions that it may be broadly interpreted, as it oversees all actions that may be taken to resolve or dissolute any and all disagreement that may arise between us, without limitations to seeking rights, entitlements, claims or privileges that may arise from any interaction with us, which may be enclosed within contractual terms, statutory declarations, misrepresentation, misinterpretations, tort, fraudulent activities or any other legally binding terms, theory or activities. It addresses claims that may arise before the institution of this Agreement or prior agreements, or after the dissolution of this Agreement. The only disagreement or dispute exempted from the governance of the preceding are the legal processes involved in the affirmation of small court claims and some or specified intellectual property, as indicated below. By accessing and using the Platform, you understand and agree to these Terms and the use thereafter for resolving any and all disputes with UbuyNG: Internal/informal disagreements: Exempting the cases where a dispute may include concerns to intellectual property and small court claims. Other disputes, in specificity, most disputes can be amicably settled without the involvement of legal actions, lawsuits or any form of legal process. Parties involved may also agree to resolve such disagreements by consulting UbuyNG support department to act as a mediator between them. Otherwise, any of the party involved may initiate a lawsuit. Binding Arbitration: If the parties involved in a dispute were unable to settle within thirty (30) days from the time they initiated a resolution process, then any of the parties involved may initiate a legally binding arbitration as the only means for resolution, within the limits of the terms set forth below. With regards to any claim which may arise from interpretation of the contents and inclusions, or violation of these Terms or the Privacy Policy, user-to-user interactions, and/or user's use of the Platform shall be resolved by the final binding arbitration administered by a "Legal Team" (herein this segment: "the arbitrator" "the mediator"), for claims that do not exceed ₦5,000,000 (Five million naira). The Legal Team, without any interference from any federal agency, state or local agency or court, shall have the sole rights to settle all disputes or disagreements that may arise from any concerns of these Terms or the Privacy Policy, including without limitations to any claim that may imply or indicate that parts or all of these Terms or the Privacy Policy is voidable or void, even if the claim is subject to arbitration or open to being legally waived. The arbitrator exercises the authority to remedy the issue within the limits of applicable laws or in equity. Both parties shall be bound by a formally written tender, to make available the fees accrued due to the services provided by the Arbitrator. Furthermore, any award declared by the arbitrator shall be written and will be admissible as a judgment in any competent court. To initiate an arbitration process, you must contact the UbuyNG Support to request for contact with the Legal Team, after which you shall write a formal request (stating "Request for Arbitration") describing your claims and monetary equivalent of damages you wish to remedy. Three copies of the request shall be filed and sent to the address provided by the Arbitrator, while a copy shall be mailed to UbuyNG support. If you may involve an attorney in the arbitration process, costs incurred will by such involvement be solely borne by you. By going into arbitration, both parties understand and agree that the costs of arbitration could be higher than that which may be incurred through a lawsuit, and the ensuing investigations may be more limited. Nonetheless, the reverse may also be the case. Hence, any party which may be involved in the dispute should take into cognizance that they have the rights to sue in court if they so wish. In such a case that UbuyNG is involved, the case will be handled in any federal or state court in Abuja, Lagos or Port Harcourt. Class Action Waiver: The parties which may be involved in any dispute arising from concerns of these Terms, Privacy Policy or user interactions, by default, agree that they expressly waive their rights to file any form of, or seek, class or representative action/relief. You and UbuyNG agree that any claims which may be brought against the other will only be based in its or your capacity, and such claims shall not in any way tend towards or involve a class or representative action. If any arbitrator or court should for any reason demand that the class action waiver expressly supported by this waiver is null, void or inapplicable, or that arbitration process can resolve on a class basis, then the provisions for arbitration stated in the foregoing shall be totally declared null and void, and any arbitrary agreement so far concluded on shall be dissolved. Applicable exceptions: As earlier stated, intellectual property and court claims are exempted from arbitration proceedings. Hence, any of the parties involved in a dispute, despite the mutual decision to resolve their disputes through arbitration, may bring forth any enforcement actions, admissible validity forms or claims which may be related identity theft, misrepresentation, piracy, theft or unlicensed use of their intellectual property for use as judgment in any state or federal court, as permissible by the Copyright Law of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. As well, any of the parties may seek for court claims in any court relevant to the concerns of the intellectual property in question. 30-Day Opt-out Right: Within the first thirty (30) days of your use of the Platform as a registered Member, you reserve the right to opt out from the bounds of provisions made for arbitration and class action waiver stated in the preceding. This can be done by sending a mail to hello@ubuy.ng, which its contents will include a written notice of your desire to opt out from class action waiver and arbitration. In a situation where this is not done within the stated period, you shall be bound by the terms of this agreement, beyond the existence of your Account or the Platform. On the same note, if you opt out within the stated period, you and UbuyNG shall not be bound by the terms stated in this segment of these Terms. Changes to This Segment:UbuyNG is bound by law to provide thirty (30) days' notice of any modification to this segment by making a post on the Platform, sending you an email, or by bringing it to your notice when you log into your Account. The amended Terms become effective thirty (30) days after they are posted on the Platform or sent to your email account. Any change made to this segment will be applicable after the thirty (30) days notification period. If for any reason, an arbitrator/mediator or court demands that the terms of "Changes to This Segment" be referred to as void, or is not applicable, then all the terms therein will be nullified from the limits of "Binding Arbitration" and "Class Action Waiver." Hence, the court or arbitrator shall make use of the terms of "Binding Arbitration" and "Class Action Waiver" parts of the segment, which were in existence after you started using the Platform. Validity: The terms included in "Binding Arbitration" and "Class Action Waiver" will remain valid beyond the existence of the Platform or your Account.

All matter of concerns between you and UbuyNG shall be bound within the limits of the laws instituted by the Federal Republic of Nigeria. You understand and agree that any claims or dispute you may have against UbuyNG that may not be resolved by arbitration must be settled by a court located in Abuja, Lagos or Port Harcourt unless we agree to do otherwise. You as a result of this withdraw all your rights to all jurisdictional or venue defences that may be able.

By accessing and making use of the platform or any feature integrated therein, you understand and agree that you continue at your own risk and that UbuyNG is not obliged to you by any means, but for any reason, we reserve the right to:
  • Supervise, review or monitor user account and content
  • Follow the due process by permissible laws and reasons to verify the identity of certain members of the Platform, conduct any and all forms of background checks as we may deem fit.
The Platform and all that is featured therein are provided "as is," and none of any or all its parts implies or expresses any form of the warranty supplied by UbuyNG. UbuyNG and all its recognized associates disclaim any warranty which an individual or group of individuals may state to have been implied by UbuyNG, any of or all of its parts, for any extent for which a service is provided on or through the Platform and all concerns for which the Platform is used. UbuyNG does not in any way give a warranty that the Platform or the services provided therein will be to your satisfaction, or perpetually available without any glitch. UbuyNG shall not be held responsible for any damages to your computer or mobile device as a result of your access or use of the Platform. UbuyNG shall not be held responsible for any form of harmful act conducted by a user against the other. Any advice, suggestion or information provided or obtained from UbuyNG shall for any received be perceived as a warranty from UbuyNG, unless as expressed herein. You solely undertake the full responsibility for any consequence that may arise from the use of the Platform, your interaction with other users of the Platform including but not limited to third parties and Members of the Platform. You understand and agree that Ubuy does not in any way, and will not endorse any member, or Pro Service provided on or through the Platform. You understand and agree to take all necessary precautions while dealing or interacting with any person on or through the Platform, especially in a case that you may decide to meet in person to exchange Pro Services. UbuyNG, by all means, disclaims any and all liabilities that may arise from an action or omission of any member, users or third parties.

You understand and agree that as described by the full extent and reach of law, all consequences arising from all your activities that are in any way related to your use of the Platform, its integral parts and features, or your interaction or contact, offline or online, with any member, users and third parties on or through the Platform, is solely your liability.UbuyNG and all its associates involved in developing, maintaining and projecting the Platform will not be held responsible by any means for:
  • The loss of data, goodwill, profits or any other incidental or special damages;
  • Disruption in the fluidity of service provision;
  • An increment in the cost of services or products that may be provided on the Platform;
  • Personal or emotional distress that may arise in connection with these Terms;
  • Inability of a member, users or third party to make use of or access the Platform or its integral features
  • The consequence of your interaction, by any means, with other members, users and third parties on or through the use of the Platform; and or
  • Exchange of services on or through the Platform.
Neither UbuyNG nor any of its officially recognized associates by any means, or any event, be collectively or solely subjected to a liability (which may arise from or relate to the Platform or any of its integral parts or features) that exceeds the total amount of fees paid to UbuyNG by you, or ₦30,000 (thirty thousand naira) if you have made no such payments.

You acknowledge and agree to indemnify, release and hold UbuyNG and any of its officially recognized associates from any harm posed by any and all legal and special actions that may be detrimental to the purpose and existence of UbuyNG, including but not limited to legal and accounting fees, which may arise from:
  • Your participation on the Platform;
  • Your violation of these Terms;
  • Any content you make available on or through the Platform;
  • Your communication or interaction with any member, user or third parties, whether in person or online; and
  • Your exchange of services or any special damage that may arise in the process.

Irredeemable circumstances: Apart from payment obligations, neither you nor UbuyNG will be held responsible to the other for failure or deferment with concern to these Terms, which may arise from conditions beyond its control and without its negligence or mistakes that may be due to natural disasters, infrastructural failures, power failures, goodwill, crisis, civil unrest, or regulatory actions. Exclusion of third party beneficiaries: You acknowledge and agree that by no means shall there be third party beneficiaries to these Terms unless it is otherwise expressly stated in these Terms. Communication: You understand and agree that UbuyNG may occasionally notify you, with regards to any modifications to the Terms by any means necessary. UbuyNG or Service Members may, as you may have given consent to, get in contact with you by SMS or phone call through the phone number you made available on your Account profile, by this consent, you also agree that we may document your agreement by using an electronic record. This consent may be withdrawn by sending an email to mail to:hello@ubuy.ng  requesting to revoke your electronic consent. Entire Agreement: In with the Privacy Policy, every other legally binding terms, notices, and conditions made available by UbuyNG on or through the Platform shall encompass all the agreements that exist between you and Ubuy with regards to the Platform. Unless as expressly stated in these Terms, if for any reason the provisions made available by these Terms is deemed as invalid by a court of law, such invalidation will not extend to other portions of these Terms. Waiver: Any waiver which may arise with concerns to a certain provision of these Terms, is permissible, only to the extents of the period and the conditions for which it was applied. Furthermore, any failure on the part of UbuyNG to lay claims to a right or any other provision made available by these Terms shall not imply or indicate that such right or provision have been waived. The statute of Limitations: You understand and agree that notwithstanding any law that may state otherwise, any claim related to the use of the Platform must start within one year after the cause of action accumulates, or it risks being permanently barred. Headings: The headings in these Terms bear no legal implication or indication. Contact Information: for any inquiries, please send an email to hello@ubuy.ng