Ubuy.ng Pros’ Guidelines

To ensure a safe, reliable and successful working environment for every UbuyNG user, we have set up rules and regulations that our community must follow. Any breech of these rules is a serious offence and the defaulter would be held accountable for it.

Sharing private information publicly
To maintain the integrity and authenticity of UbuyNG, our members can only share private contact information once an offer is accepted and they have an understanding with each other. To protect your safety and security, private contact details or 3rd party links are not allowed to be shared in any public areas of the site.

Prohibited behaviours
Community is at the heart of what we do at UbuyNG. Courtesy, mutual respect and seeing things from another person's perspective is essential. At UbuyNG, the following behaviours against a customer or a pro or a UbuyNG staff are prohibited; Violence, Discrimination, Harassment, illegal acts, hate speech, trolling and verbal abuse.

Unsupported practices
At UbuyNG, we're committed to linking customers to pros. However, this requires full cooperation from our users. UbuyNG do not support the following activities within our community, as it jeopardizes the creation of a fair, transparent and trustworthy environment:
  • Fraudulent reviews
  • Artificially improving public profile
  • Harvesting member information
  • Lead generation
  • No alcohol related Tasks

Pricing and payments
To ensure a safe and rewarding environment for all UbuyNG users, it's important to understand how pricing and payments work. UbuyNG does not offer any form of payment method. Means of payment would be discussed and agreed on between the customer and the professional. However, professionals are advised to provide accurate banking details to their customers to ensure seamless transition of funds if they are not receiving cash.

Accountability and Reputation
At UbuyNG, we have a zero tolerance policy for against acts that do not promote accountability and integrity. We are committed to creating a sustainable culture of accountability and integrity that will protect both our customers and pros. Any member of the UbuyNG community found in violation of this culture will be held accountable for his actions.

Involving a Third Party
Pros are responsible for the actions of any other pro they arrange to assist them in providing the services agreed with a customer. If the pro hired chooses to subcontract others to perform the services agreed with the customer, the pro must gain the customer’s consent. The pro hired to the task must also ensure that all pros assisting should have a UbuyNG user account.

Customers Review
Pros must not repetitively provide poor experiences for their customers. Please be guided that whenever UbuyNG receives reports that you have breached any of these Guidelines, we may take action to remove any content, or cancel or suspend your account.

Account eligibility
We know you're eager to set up an account and get started on UbuyNG, but we need you to make sure you qualify for the below:

Must be 18 years or older:
All members of the UbuyNG community must be 18 years or older. This is a legal requirement as people under the age of 18 are not able to enter a legal contract with UbuyNG. UbuyNG reserves the right to request proof of age should this be necessary.

Legal working rights:
All UbuyNG pros must be legal to offer professional services in Nigeria. To maintain the highest standards in our community, we seek to avoid situations that may cause legal risks to any of our members.

No account transfers
Your account is your responsibility and you must maintain control of it. It must not be transferred to another person as your account and reviews reflect your skills and abilities.

No duplicate accounts
Members may only have a single, active account on the platform. As your account reflects your reputation in the marketplace and represents your skills and abilities, any duplicate accounts attempting to disguise a member's history, will be removed immediately.