Ubuy.ng Safety / Precautions

Vigilance is a wide-eyed precaution. We are advised and will continuously advise all customer-members to cautiously scrutinize the integrity of any service or service provider they want to engage. As well, you should ensure that you got all the details rightly and clearly stated while declaring what you expect of a service to be provided by the professionals. This will enable you to get the best out of UbuyNG.

The chances of getting your job well done are increased by the clarity of the information you provide, which a service provider may work. This is a general concept, as it applies to all life’s activity, and probably the services that may be provided on or through this platform. Hence, with the information at hand, you know what you are looking for, and which professional you may rely on to give you the best possible result in the desired niche.

We have taken it upon us to provide a secure end-to-end connection within the platform. With hopes that it will be easier for both members (pro service providers and customers) to fully engage in an uninterrupted communication while transacting business on UbuyNG. Both members are encouraged to ask as many questions as possible before, during and after service may have been provided, to ensure that the chances of misinterpretation and misquotes are highly reduced, if not totally minimized. Also, customers are expected, if necessary, to request for work-portfolio by the service provider, to be assured to an extent they are leaving their projects in capable hands. Furthermore, both parties should feel free to contact the other through any channel made available by any during an exchange of services. If necessary, you may meet in person – this might be a basic requirement for many services.  

Be aware of applicable legal processes
This may include knowledge of insurance, terms, rights, and licensing tidbits that may help you understand what legally binds the service you may seek. You may get to understand and know the credentials which you should expect from any professional that you may engage with on UbuyNG. As well as, laws that bind you as an individual seeking a particular service. This will help in limiting the extents of misunderstanding and unintentionally breaking the law.  

Review profiles before establishing contact
The importance of this factor cannot be overemphasized, as it helps to let you understand a lot about the professionals and their qualifications. Make use of the information available on a pro’s profile to get a clue of the pro’s experience, quality of services provided earlier, the rate with which they are being hired on UbuyNG, and possibly their attitude to work. You may also go through verified and unverified reviews ascribed to the pro; verified reviews are those dropped by other customers who may have hired the pro already, while unverified reviews are those dropped by customers who may have hired the pro outside the confines of UbuyNG. Reviews will give you an insight into the overall performance of the pro, and their response to customers and how they treat their customers. You may search to find projects similar to your own, amongst the display of projects that have been completed by the pro. In a case that you do not see any, feel free to ask the pro for more samples. Furthermore, there are different ratings which we may use to classify service professionals on the platform, such as:
  • Top Pro Badge: which is given as a reference of high and positive customers’ reviews which a pro may have gotten for services provided for those customers on the platform. It is an indication of a high rating maintained by the pro.
  • License badge: indicates that we have verified the license or other credentials provided by the pro, through a public database or relevant governing body.
  • Background check badge: this is given to a business with multiple workers after a background check had been conducted on ANY of the workers. The person who may handle your project from such business may not be the one that was checked.
Note that none of the above or other similar ratings mean that we have endorsed such pros or business.  

File details of activities during the exchange
While preparing to hire a pro on UbuyNG, ensure that you specify all the necessities that you expect from the service before posting if possible add pictures of the type of result you are expecting. In so doing, the chances of receiving quotes from pros that will actually be able to handle the project will increase, instead of getting a pile of irrelevant quotes. When you may have found the pro with all the right credentials and reviews you may be looking for, draft a written contract. This is very necessary if you are hoping to let the pro handle a big or a very technical project so that it is on record that you and the pro are in agreement through UbuyNG. The contract may include details of the project owner, location, specifications, cost, payment method and time allotted for project completion.   During the exchange, keep copies of documents or pictures detailing the processes undertaken during the exchange. This may also include proof of payment, receipts, licensing and insurance. Filing keeps one prepared for issues that may arise sometime later in line with the services carried out. Ensure that you interact using the UbuyNG messaging platform.  

Be intuitive
While choosing a pro, you have to be alert always and on a lookout for red flags, especially in cases where a pro may state an incredibly low price for a service you know should deserve more. While some deals might seem mouthwatering, exercise your mind, and ask questions to know why a very low price was stated. Also, we do not consider it as harassment to ask a pro about the validity of the license which they may have shown you, or asking them if they are certain they have all the permits needed to carry out the project you seek to carry out to ensure safety of your project. You may also confirm the validity of the licenses and permits provided, on your own. If after your findings, you are still uncomfortable about hiring a pro on UbuyNG, feel free to ask their former customers questions. One of the factors that may determine the successful completion of your project is the time and effort spent while gathering information needed, before hiring a pro. So, we advise that you take all the time necessary to carefully choose a pro that you feel will handle your project with the best results.   If any problem should arise between you and the pro in the course of carrying out the project, try to sort it out with the pro. If you were not able to successfully resolve the disagreement, be sure to contact us, our support is open to help you resolve it 24/7.