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Administrative support services engage in giving support for the day to day running of an organization smoothly and efficiently. Some Administrative support services include; Virtual Assistant – Provides administrative services to clients from a remote location. They work from the comfort of their own space and don't have to be physically present at the client’s office. Virtual assistants do a host of things for their clients including; managing appointments, managing emails, social media management etc. Office Clerks – Oversees the clerical duties in an organization. Their includes; document filling, mail sorting, data processing, data collation, faxing, envelop stuffing, package delivery, basic book keeping duties etc. Facility Support Services – Provides efficient and effective support services for the organizations they serve. These include; facility maintenance, waste disposal, grounds maintenance, mail routing, janitorial services, etc.

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For a smooth operational activity in an organization, administrative support is very important. On Ubuy, we have administrative support services specialist that provide assistance with a budget recommendation, justifications and monitor expenditures. Hire Administrative support services here on Ubuy Nigeria. .If you need to get the an administrative support services in Nigeria, Ubuy is your one-stop hub. We are glad to find the best administrative support services close to you and send them to you. Get quotes from pros willing to do your job here.

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