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Mulch is any material that is spread or laid over the surface of the soil as a covering. Mulches have to retain moisture in the soil, organic mulches also help to improve the fertility of the soil. There are several types of mulch and you begin to wonder which is the best mulch to use for your garden? Garden mulch, the answer on the best mulch comes down to the gardener's crop and personal preference, many organic gardeners rely on the organic mulch as the best mulch again that goes to talk about the preference for the garden, inorganic mulch isn't bad either.

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The decision on the best mulch for your garden is one to make with an expert. A gardener who understands the importance of mulches and can also relate to your preference and help you create one for your garden. connects you to the best gardener near you, here is all you need to do. ● Sign up as a customer on the platform. ● Describe your request in details by creating a task for a possible bid. ● Negotiate and discuss terms with a gardener you have decided to work with. ● Make payment into your Upay account.

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