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I have come to the realization, through personal experience, that Nigerians have a strong entrepreneurial spirit within them.

The environment and circumstances, as in most cases, do not accord them the opportunity to work and earn gainfully.

That's why at Ubuy services, we decided to create a platform that enables a quick access to these nation builders; the entrepreneurs, taking them to levels beyond their imagination - Jeremiah Ajilore (C.E.O)

Our Values

Team Work

Why work with us?

The welfare of our employees is our topmost priority; we create a free environment for our employees to work and play hard within business hours. In good faith that it will keep them mentally and physically proactive, without boredom, or stress, taking a toll on them. And yes, they give us the best results!

People Oriented Mission

Instead of creating a technological platform that takes focus away from skilled individuals; we offer an opportunity for all entrepreneurs to be seen and better still, accessed. We are the future of works in Nigeria.

Ever Innovative

We motivate our employees into taking that extra step to provide the results that exceed expectations. This keeps us going up and beyond. Creating new ideas that steadily improves the state of Ubuy Services.

Rich diversity for rich results

We are not exclusive to any single individual or group of individuals. Hence, we look beyond ethnicity and religion to create a staff strength that is highly diverse, from all backgrounds.

A Happy Office

We boast of the lovable conditions we provide in our office. We ensure that our employees are happy.

Healthy living. Healthy workers. Healthy results

We provide discounted gym membership for all our employees, fitness sessions twice a week, paid holidays, and daily meals.

Amazing incentives

In addition to other standard benefits, which you may expect, we give our employees special treats and incentives annually to spend on Ubuy Services services.

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We're looking for adventurers: funny, spontaneous, dauntless.

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