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Ubuy Services is an online service marketplace. We provide a platform that connect customers with professional Artisans and Freelancers nearby.

How To Verify Your Professional Account
How To Sell Your Skills
How To Hire On Ubuy Services
Be a Pro
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How To Verify Your Professional Account

1. Sign Up
Visit our website; www.ubuy.ng to sign up or sign in if you already have an account with us.
2. Verify Your Email Address
An email will be sent to your mailbox, click on the button to verify.
3. Verify Your Phone Number
You will receive a Ubuy Verification code, type it in and you are good to go.
4. Upload Your Valid Id Card
Upload a picture of your valid, government-issued ID card. It could be your Voters card, International Passport, NIMC, or Drivers License.
5. Take A Selfie With Your Unique Generated Code
Upload a picture of yourself holding your unique generated code. The picture can be a selfie or a portrait photograph. Your face should be clear and visible and so should your code.
6. Update Your Profile
Update your profile and working hours. Having a profile that is up to date will increase your likelihood of getting hired

How To Sell Your Skills

1. Register
Create an account and ensure you complete your verification process so you can get connected to customers.
2. Update Your Public Profile
Ensure you complete your bio, stating all the past, relevant experiences you have, and make sure to put your best foot forward. Also, fill up the skills and services you are able to provide, your working hours, and billing information. Check out our list of services and categories.
3. Bid For Tasks
When tasks in your category are posted, bid for them. Ensure you study and understand the requirements of the task. State your price, highlight your skills, experiences, and if possible, reviews from previous satisfied customers, and Submit your bid.
4. Respond To Calls And Messages From Clients
Whenever you win a bid, you will be notified by us. Ensure you check your messages and notifications regularly so you don’t keep your customers waiting. Ensure you complete tasks in time so you can earn money.

How To Hire On Ubuy Services

1. Post A Task
If you need help with a task, post it on Ubuy Services. We have thousands of freelancers and artisans for whatever service you are looking for.
2. Accept A Bid
Carefully go through all the bids that have been placed for your task. Ensure you have covered all the details of the task and have arrived at an agreement before accepting a bid.
3. Hire Pro And Make Payment
All our professionals have been vetted and verified by us, but to be double sure, it is recommended you go through references and reviews. Meet a pro in a public space before inviting him/her into your home and ensure to sign off to make payment only when the task has been satisfactorily completed.
4. Review The Pro
Rate the pro and tell us about the service that was rendered. Your feedback will be very helpful to other customers.


Your safety is important to us, that is why we ask you to leave a review about the pro or customer. Feel free to report any issue with a customer or pro to Ubuy Services and our team will look into it as soon as we can.

1. Professional Safety Tip
Ensure you make use of the safety toolkit; a feature designed to make sure our pros and artisans are kept safe. The safety toolkit is a feature that notifies customers with a code when they arrive at a location.
2. Customer Safety Tip
- Meet at a safe, public location.
- Check references and credentials before you hire.
- Do not pay cash to the professional.
3. Secure Payments
Ubuy Services provides a secure payment platform for our customers. Payment is sent to the hired pro only when the customer confirms that the task has been satisfactorily completed. Ubuy Services guarantees a secure and reliable payment method.

Be A Pro

1. Pay close attention to details
Ensure your public profile is clear and easy to understand. Include reviews and references, state all your qualifications, and put your best foot forward.
2. Respond Quickly
Don’t keep customers waiting for too long. Check notifications often and respond as quickly as you can.
3. Ensure you are always prepared
Don’t be caught unawares, make sure you always have Ucredit in your wallet to allow you to bid for tasks.

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